Production services in india

We offer fixing services, location assistance, logistical support, facilitation and co-ordination services to foreign production companies who have short-term project in India. Our services in India stands on three key pillars:


Our production services department possesses outstanding knowledge of India and has developed strong ties with our suppliers over the past several years. Our suppliers have been tested and tried, and are among the best in their respective fields of expertise.


We are one of the few companies in India with tie ups with the best location services department across states. We believe that this investment will reap its rewards many times over. The value of this service becomes apparent in the quality of our location offers sent to our clients and in our communications related to the management of selected locations.


Our unique, independent talent and casting services division has brought the Indian casting process up-to-date and in line with global standards. Accessing the vast talents of Bollywood, including the exclusive A-list celebrities that makes it one of the most vibrant and recognizable industries in the world.

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